MERLIN is an end-to-end pharmacy system that offers maximum flexibility and control to the user in meeting the requirements of complex hospital pharmacy management. It provides a comprehensive, integrated business and clinical solution for pharmacies


MERLINMAP is a medications management solution, developed using the latest web enabled technologies to facilitate platform access on any PC, Mac, iOS or android device. Modules include Dispense, Prescribe, Oncology, Clinical and Script Tracker.


An intuitive, streamlined module that facilitates end to end, multi-item prescription processing, minimising distractions from the task. It leverages data from MERLIN/MERLINMAP and external systems to ensure patient safety through extensive decision support functionality, and provides for real time PBS online communication. Fully integrated with MERLINMAP Prescribe and with integration available with major 3rd party EMRs, to facilitate electronic prescription queuing helping to reduce transcription errors and deliver dispensary efficiencies

Maintains active medication profiles, to ensure consistency of service delivery and safety throughout the patient journey.

This module facilitates the creation of comprehensive histories of medication use; reconciliation of medications on admission; maintenance of an active medication profile; clinical staff workflow through task and clinical intervention tracking; integrated and auditable aminoglycoside optimisation utilizing AUC pharmacokinetic; generation of discharge medication profiles; and dynamic reporting functionality

For use in Outpatients, Discharge and ED, Prescribe improves efficiency and reduces transcription errors. Key functionality includes: clinical decision support functionality; integration with existing hospital IT infrastructure for patient data and user authentication; easy access to prescribing and dispensing histories summaries of medications on admission and medications on discharge; draft prescription facility, allowing pharmacists to initiate e-prescription preparation for authorisation; and seamless monthly updates of medication and PBS information.

Using protocol driven prescribing and scheduling to deliver safety and efficiency benefits across the organisation, Oncology facilitates the management of the patient journey from referral through to chemotherapy infusion. With the facility to forward schedule patient bookings, optimise chair availability; and provide seamless access to dispense and prescribing histories. Extensive decision support tools, include medication profile verification, cumulative dose checking, BSA and IBW based dose calculation, adjustments and chemotherapy cycle tracking.

Seamlessly integrates with MERLIN dispensing and barcode scanning workflow to follow the progress of orders throughout the organisation, using data point capture. This facility reduces interruptions to dispensary and clinical pharmacy staff for workflow enquiries; provides a transparent and consistent chronicle for ward staff; and automatically generates dispensing KPI information for reporting. In addition, it is configurable to filter for user preferences and client location.


MERLIN is a complete pharmacy solution, with sophisticated inventory management, dispensing, additives, debtors / point of sale and clinical modules to improve clinical and financial performance of the Pharmacy Department.


MERLIN has proven multi-campus capability; multiple PBS approval number claiming from a common database; capability in the large public and private hospital environments; integration capability with many demonstrated interfaces; and IT infrastructure that supports large enterprise installations from a centralised server.


MERLIN is supported by up to date drug and PBS data, maintained centrally and distributed monthly by Pharmhos.


Available Interfaces

  • PMI/ATD – HL7 broadcasts (plus others)
  • Billing interfaces to Patient Debtors – HL7 & others
  • Point of Administration Devices – Pyxis, Omnicell and MedDispense
  • Financial Systems – General Ledger and Accounts Payable
  • eCommerce GS1 Compliant interfaces for Purchasing (Purchase Order, Purchase Order Acknowledgement, Despatch Advice and Invoice supported)
  • Antibiotic Surveillance – SA DHS
  • Medicare Australia – PBS Online Claiming
  • EMR systems – Cerner, Epic and BOSSnet (inbound orders, outbound dispense, ADR/Allergies in and outbound
  • Discharge Summary systems
  • CDA dispense records to myHR
  • Dispensary robots – Gollmann and Rowa